Our Story 

Our story started simply - we are wine lovers. We want the positive feeling that consumers have at the winery to extend when they receive their wine deliveries at home. But the reality is today’s delivery options are not geared toward proper last mile wine delivery --- keeping those treasured wine assets temperature controlled until they arrive at the door. And, actually delivering that wine based on the reality of a consumer’s schedule vs. a twelve-hour window.

How do we know? We actually went to work for the other guys who deliver your wine today. We found archaic service, lack of communication, no visibility, additional fees galore (especially during the Summer) and what truly happens to your wine when delivery windows are missed. Most importantly, we found out the last person who cared about the wine shipment is the person working for the winery.

Customer preferences and expectations are changing. With Amazon and other “free next day delivery” services on the market, customers are demanding fast, visibility, modern, and friendly delivery. The wine industry is one of the last industries to follow this trend.